Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs): Al and ML is already big part of our life, even if we do not notice it

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are progressing quickly in modern times. Consistently proven artificial intelligence approaches, algorithms, and principles spanning several years are migrating from their academic origins to more pragmatic uses in industrialization. Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs) is an asset management specialist in information technology and one of the partners of the Ukrainian technology giant, Roosh. He spoke on how artificial intelligence and machine learning influence humanity today and its progressive development in Ukraine.

In 2014, Machine Learning gained the most popularity as a course at Stanford University, with over 760 enrolments. Forbs posted a lengthy discourse on how the practices of ML and AI are transforming our world. The previous year, Stanford publicized that AI’s capital investment pushed it to over $67 billion. Non-public investments alone account for most of the total sum. AI areas that received the most investments include the pharmaceutical sector, self-driven automobiles, and educational practices.

Sergey Kartashov stated that ML and AI had pervaded virtually every IT sector and affiliated sector, particularly big data algorithm systems. He also stated that industrial giants such as Google and Amazon utilize these algorithms in consumer relations. A lot has been communicated on the big data processing methods and their influence. For example, neural networks now teach humans how to draw and edit media content. There is also an availability of AI-powered diagnostics. This was instrumental when China handled the quarantine constraints for their population during the lockdown. Sergey Kartashov believes that the future has come.

According to Kartashov, if we observe around us, we’ll witness AI already embedded in our lives. He gave instances such as audio commands on our phones, automated grammar checking, translation software, facial recognition, and even robotic equipment. Imagine searching your favorite soccer team’s gears yesterday, and today, you see a display advertisement of a match ticket and their jerseys for sale. This is Artificial Intelligence in action.

Amid all these sophisticated global developments, the Ukrainian IT sector seems to be left behind. However, in 2012 the country witnessed the establishment of two clubs. This triggered a massive birth of products and services by several companies using Artificial Intelligence.

For example, one of the most popular services is Grammarly that helps correct English-written texts and check them for plagiarism. With help of Natural Language Processing technology, this product gained big popularity due to its high effectiveness.

Another Ukrainian project worth mentioning is Scorto. The company provides businessmen with products for managing decisions and risks and gets in handy for banks and insurance agencies due to its helpful scoring systems.

These days, Ukraine hosts lots of prominent IT companies, and also festivals and competitions in robotics. Therefore, you can find there also large communities like Boteon (Kharkiv), the Association of Robotics, that support IT startups and help companies to develop.

Roosh is credited for several notable projects, including Reface, a mobile application for swapping faces in Giff and video content. It’s the pioneer Ukrainian AI invention to dominate the application store, displacing Netflix, Amazon, and even TikTok. Elon Musk is among its users.

In AI technology, Ukraine is far from equal with Europe and the USA, but they’re aiming high and striving relentlessly. The successful projects they have so far are proof that they have a bright future ahead.

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