Sergey Tokarev: Educational courses launched by SET University, STEM is FEM, and Roosh this summer to help students master tech skills

Despite the ongoing hostilities, Ukrainians have a chance to master a new profession thanks to various educational programs launched in the summer of 2022. AI House, STEM is FEM, and SET University launched the largest number of courses related to technology. Sergey Tokarev, a co-founder of these initiatives, details what these programs consist of.

AI HOUSE to help Ukrainians gain access to education in AI

AI HOUSE, a project that is focused on developing the AI community in Ukraine and is part of the Roosh ecosystem, has created an educational program that will help Ukrainians gain access to cutting-edge knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). For that, the initiative organizers have rallied top industry experts who will share their expertise and hold workshops for their students.

The program includes lectures on compressing models for deep learning, automated machine learning, evaluating ML models and their diagnostic value. According to Sergey Tokarev, a Founding Partner at Roosh, this project will boost the active growth of the Ukrainian AI industry and help create a unique environment that will help develop tech talents.

It should be noted that, in order to get enrolled in any of AI HOUSE courses, the project participants will have to make a donation of any amount more than $1 or UAH 10 that will be used to support the charity fund Come Back Alive.

SET University plans to teach digital security and help startups

The technological university SET University has launched three unique educational projects at once. For instance, already this spring, the university launched an online platform that provides both teenagers and adults with tips on how to counter cyberthreats and cyberbullying.

In August, SET University launched another educational initiative called SET Bootcamp. This is a three-week course for startups whose projects are aimed at Ukraine’s recovery after the war. According to Sergey Tokarev, the program includes the main areas of startup development: target audience research, prototyping, developing a competent financial and marketing strategy, fundraising, and assistance in creating a project presentation for investors.

The third project of SET University, implemented as part of a joint initiative of leading Ukrainian educational institutions, is the Ukrainian Global University. The initiative’s goal is to help the Ukrainian people in coping with the crippling effects of the Russian invasion and draw on world-leading experience to rebuild the country, so the main condition for participating in the project is coming back to Ukraine after graduation.

An educational initiative by STEM is FEM for girls who want to study IT specialties

Sergey Tokarev also draws attention to a new project of the NGO STEM is FEM. The program consists of 10 free online courses designed to teach girls aged 12 to 16 machine learning, app prototyping, and data-driven web application development.

The program will last two months, and during this time 150 girls will acquire both soft skills and hard skills necessary for a future career in the IT industry.

As Tokarev, the founder of STEM is FEM and Founding Partner at Roosh, points out, the initiative’s goal is not only to teach girls how to code but also to encourage them to choose technical specialties for their careers.