Valorant 7.04 update patch notes: Sunset map, Premier Launch Stage, BattlePass

Free-to-play shooter Valorant has been given a massive new update on PC. The new update introduces the Sunset map, which according to the patch notes below, has three lanes and two different sites. According to Riot Games, the Sunset only queue will only be playable in Swiftplay mode for one week and then goes into the Competitive and Unrated map rotation in Patch 7.05. Needless to say, the new update makes hero balance changes, bug fixes and a variety of map adjustments. There’s also a new BattlePass launching as part of the second Act of Evolution.

Valorant update 7.04 patch notes


VALORANT asks you to make tough decisions when interacting with enemy utility—shooting, dodging, and timing your moment to take a decisive action. We want everyone to come away from rounds feeling like they had the possibility of making a better play if only they were a little faster or smarter. The team has noticed that when faced with multiple pieces of utility or some of larger scale ultimates, your avenues for counterplay can sometimes be overloaded, leading you to feel unsure of what’s happening or what you could do differently next time.

While Patch 7.04 includes changes to over half of the roster, the changes are sharply focused on increasing game state clarity by making the following adjustments:

• Reducing the frequency of large area of effect of ultimates

• Reducing the amount of time utility is active in the world

• Reducing the HP of shootable utility

• We also believe the Ultimate cost updates below better align large area, high-impact ults with the pressure they place on the enemy, creating both a better pacing of the round-defining abilities and a clearer choice competition between high and low cost ults.


• Aftershock (C)

 – Ticks reduced from 3 to 2

 – Damage increased from 60 per tick to 80

• Rolling Thunder (X)

 – Ultimate points increased 8>>> 9


• Orbital Strike (X)

 – Ultimate points increased 7>>>8


• Prowler (C)

 – Time to re-equip gun takes slightly longer after using the ability.


• Mosh Pit (C)

 – The impacted area does 10 damage per second before exploding

• Wingman (Q)

 – HP reduced 100>>>80

• Thrash (X)

 – Thrash’s explosion had a little makeover to make it easier to see and understand the area it has affected (on top of being beautiful)


• Lockdown (X)

 – Ultimate points increased 8>>> 9


• Paranoia (Q)

 – No movement velocity imparted when casting


• Guiding Light (E)

 – Max duration while casting reduced 2.5s >>>2s

• Trailblazer (Q)

 – HP reduced 100>>>80

• Seekers (X)

 – Ultimate Points increased 7 >>>8

 – Seeker Health decreased 150>>>120


• Recon Bolt (E)

 – Total number of scans reduced 3>>>2


• Viper’s Pit (X)

 – Ultimate points increased 8>>>9


• Gravity Well (C)

 – Startup time increased .6>>>1.25

 – Gravity time duration decreased 2.75>>>2.0

• Nova Pulse (Q)

 – Startup time decreased from 1.25>>>1.0

• Cosmic Divide (X)

 – Audio now is blocked completely by the wall rather than muffled


• Tailwind (E)

 – Dash window decreased 12s>>>7.5s.

 – Activation windup increased 0.75s>>>1s.

• Cloudburst (C)

 – Duration decreased 4.5s>>>2.5s

 – Time to re-equip gun takes slightly longer after using the ability.

• Updraft (Q)

 – Charges decreased 2>>>1

• Blade Storm (X)

 – Ultimate points increased 7>>>8.

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• Breeze will be rotating back into the Competitive and Unrated map pool.

• Please note that Fracture and Pearl have been rotated out of the Competitive and Unrated map rotation.


• Sunset, our newest map, features three lanes and two sites.

 – Please note that the Sunset only queue will only be playable in Swiftplay mode for one week and then goes into the Competitive and Unrated map rotation in Patch 7.05.


Breeze’s scale and size are core to the map’s design but we wanted to address rotation times by simplifying where threats could be to make retaking less dangerous. This set of changes aims to add more tradeoffs to A and B site slams that utilize post-plant utility to secure the round while adding more incentive for Attackers to control Mid to exert pressure throughout the map.

• Adjusted Mid Pillar

 – We closed off one side of Mid Pillar and tightened up Mid Cubby. As a result, Mid should be more comfortable to rotate through with more predictable threats.

• Mid Pillar

 – One side has been closed off and boxes have been added.


• Report UI Improvements

• We’ve increased readability by adding icons and showing detailed text descriptions when hovering over each of the newly added icons.

• We categorized the list of post-game reports into groups to help break down decision making from high level category to subcategories.

• We’ve added reportee info in order to reduce false reporting.


• Premier has officially launched!

• If you played in Premier’s Ignition Stage, your team and match history will carry over.

• Enrollment runs until September 7. The exact time for the end of Enrollment varies by Zone—make sure to check the schedule in the client for more information so you don’t miss it.

• Weekly matches will feature the full competitive map pool across seven weeks. Each week will still have one dedicated map and a maximum of two matches on said map. Matches start on September 7 and run through October 21, with Playoffs on October 22.

• Earn a Premier Score of at least 675 to qualify and to have a chance to be crowned one of the best teams in your Division.

• Performance will now be tracked from Stage to Stage. You will receive a Division crest at the end of each Stage.

• Divisions will be split into five tiers: Open, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, and Contender.

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