Video games that are popular among college students

There are many benefits of playing video games for college students. We discuss here the top five video games played by undergraduates.

Video Games that Are Popular Among College Students

College life could be very demanding and stressful. As a result, students need to look for ways to relax and get rid of tension. One of these is playing games. There are many games available for students to entertain themselves and have a good time.

It also provides a chance to relax and forget about the challenging college life. Even if students get carried away with games, they could read review to get the best deal on essays and term papers.

Here are some of the most popular video games with students:

1.   Grand Theft Auto

Students love this game because it makes them part of the action. The story involves the robbery of a bank in which you, the player, is a witness. You saw the intimidation, shootings, and explosions.

The game also involves an over-ambitious African American guy. His passion for getting rich quickly led him to car hijacking to sell it to a local car dealership. This is a game worth playing as millions of dollars was invested in its development.

2.   Mass Effect

This game brings reality to the fantasy of many. It explores a world in which humans coexist in outer space peacefully with animals and other creatures after the Mass Effect. Hence, humans lived and interacted with various creatures and animals.

The game has a way of making one believe that an alternate world does exist where there are mysterious creatures friendly to men. Many students love this game so that they look for essaysupply testimonials to get the best deal on the term paper and college essays.

3.   Battlefield

If you love robust and high-quality graphics when playing video games, this is a game worth considering. In addition to the picture quality, the detailed nature of the game is breathtaking. While playing the game, you will feel as if you are in the battlefield, dodging bullets and taking cover.

Users have an opportunity to become a part of the Marine Corps division, the elite corp unit. You also get to fight in various locations around the world, New York, Manhattan, name it.

4.   League of Legends

This is also an online game that involves multiple players. It is one of the most popular student games as it is played by millions of people every day. A single game takes an average of 45 minutes, and players can go for many rounds, as much as they want.

It is one of the most viral games that involve unforgettable tournaments with prizes for winners.

5.   Grand Theft Auto V

Looking for a game that gives you the opportunity for adventure and action, GTA is a beautiful game. The game involves a single player with a story about three criminals and their activities. You can choose to either explore the world by bike, foot, cars, or other types of vehicles.

In the game, a player can assume the role of any of the characters. Actions involve shooting, dodging bullets, and stealing vehicles.


Playing video games is not necessarily a waste of time for college students. As long as it doesn’t become an addiction, it is an excellent way to blow off steam. Even if you get carried away playing, you can get help from for essay and term papers.