Warzone Season 5 update full patch notes: Here’s what’s new in Call of Duty S5

With Call of Duty Season 5 about to launch on all platforms, Activision has released full patch notes for Warzone. The huge new Warzone update adds the Vondel Champion’s Quest, which tasks winning teams with collecting elements in order to earn exclusive rewards. Needless to say, the update also makes plenty of bug fixes and gameplay changes, tweaking everything from the Warzone user-interface to adding brand new vehicles to the experience. Available to download now on PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC, you can see the full list of Warzone Season 5 patch notes below…

Warzone Season 5 patch notes


• Improved Pings Quality of Life

– Ping priority for stacked icons

– Better visibility for Contracts & Vehicles on Tac Map


• Fort Resurgence In-Season

– Al Bagra Fortress and its greater surroundings, will be added to the Resurgence map rotation.

• Armored Royale In-Season

– Reinforce your Squad in this Battle Royale Mode with a big difference: you’re dropping onto your own MRAP, and it’s up to you to use, fortify, and repair this hulking vehicle with its turret, protective shielding, and mobile Buy Station, while cutting through rivals operating their own behemoth trucks.


All Maps | All Modes

• Play Again Matchmaking Status Quality of Life

– Players will now see their matchmaking status during the Play Again Loading Screen.

Champion’s Quest

• Players now need to hold all available elements to progress the timer while locating the next one.

Al Mazrah | Battle Royale

• Player Count

– All Squad Sizes on Al Mazrah Battle Royale have had their Player counts reduced to 100, down from 150.

– Ranked will remain at 150 Players until further notice.


New Features

Al Mazrah, Ashika Island | Battle Royale, Resurgence

• Favorite Supply Box Loot

• Reinforcement Flare Field Upgrade

• Portable Redeploy Drone (P.R.D.) Field Upgrade

• Signals Intelligence Contract

• Occupation Scan Public Event

• High Stakes Public Event

• TAV Vehicle

Al Mazrah | Battle Royale

• MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicle | In-Season

– A vehicle roughly the size and shape of the Cargo Truck, the MRAP is equipped for heavy combat with additional armor plating and turrets, making it a slower, yet effective, vehicle for attack or defense.

– MRAP Keys are available at Buy Stations for $50,000 that will enable the ability to start and drive one of three vehicles located on the map. .

– The key must be used from the Player’s Backpack.

– This vehicle is disabled in Solos and Ranked Play.

• Dirt Bike Vehicle

– A nimble and rapid form of transportation that can perform hairpin turns on a dime and can technically fit up to two Players.

• Buy Station

– Locations on Al Mazrah have been refreshed to provide new combat scenarios and strategies.

– The Limited Stock row now contains new items:

• Reinforcement Flare

– Count: 1

– Price: $5,000

• P.R.D.

– Count: 2

– Price: $2,000

• Self-Revive Kit

– Count: 2

– Price: $4,000

• Durable Gas Mask

– Count: 2

– Price: $3,500

Vondel | Battle Royale

• Champion’s Quest

– Champion’s Quest has arrived in Vondel – similar to Al Mazrah the goal is to collect 3 elements, plant them and defend them!

– The twist? The elements have new effects:

• Gallium: Reveals all nearby team members who held it previously as if a Snapshot Grenade affected you.

• Deuterium: Fatigues its carrier, causing the Player to cough when they exert too much effort.

• Neptunium: Periodically electrocutes everything within close proximity including Players and Vehicles.

• Vondel’s Champions Quest offers unique rewards including a Weapon Blueprint, Charm, and more.

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All Maps | All Modes

• Bomb Squad

– The Bomb Squad Perk will protect against death from explosive Equipment stuck directly to the Player when fully armored.

• Buy Back Price

– Price reduced to $3,000, down from $4,000

– This change does not apply to Ranked Play.

• P.R.D. Behavior

– Increased deployment speed

– Improved airborne mobility

– Increased velocity when ascending

Al Mazrah | Battle Royale

• Circle Timing

– The “Delay Time” before the first movement of the gas is now 90 seconds, down from 220 seconds.

– The “Close Time” of how long the gas takes to collapse to the next size is now 215 seconds, down from 270 seconds.

– This change does not apply to Ranked Play.

• Circle Size

– Decreased the size of the initial circle.

– This change does not apply to Ranked Play.

• Loot

– Increased spawn rate of the following items:

– Gulag Tokens

– Redeploy Packs

– Reinforcement Flares

Vondel | Battle Royale, Resurgence

• Circle Placement

– The first circle is now more centered in BR & Resurgence

Vondel | Resurgence

• Reinforcement Flare Improvements Quality of Life

– Players will now get their Reinforcement Flare refunded if it fails to deploy.

– The Reinforcement Flare now prioritizes players who are still connected to the match.


• Battle Royale Win Streak Tracker

– There is now a Win Streak Tracker on the menu and in-game to display your progress towards a Champion’s Quest.

• Total Ammunition Count Quality of Life

– Shows total amount of ammunition in both backpack and player loadout in the currently equipped weapon.

• Total Squad Cash Quality of Life

– In the Squad Widget, the total squad cash will be displayed.

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