You can buy 72 games for less than £25 as part of Humble Bundle charity sale

72 games for less than £25 might sound too good to be true, but that's exactly what's on offer as part of the Humble Bundle right now.

The gaming bundle site often sells dozens of games for a discount price to raise money for charity, but its current Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle might be its best deal yet.

You'll have access to some amazing PC games for a donation of less than £25.

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The top titles include cyberpunk slasher title Ghostrunner, 2022's action RPG Gotham Knights; hit sci-fi strategy game XCOM 2; co-op bank heist game PAYDAY 2; plus Euro Truck Simulator 2. Buy the bundle here

What's more, 100% of any money spent on the bundle goes to Save The Children, Direct Relief, and the International Medical Corps to help fund relief aid for victims of last month's devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

So far, Humble Bundle has raised £2,211,845 and counting at the time of writing.

Humble Bundle said: "The devastating earthquakes in Türkiye [Turkey] and Syria have created an urgent humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of thousands of people are in immediate need of medical supplies, food, water, and shelter, and the road to recovery will continue to be extremely challenging for the people of the region."

The bundle also features digital comic books from the award-winning series Saga, as well as a number of Turkish-developed games.

More than 52,000 have died in the earthquakes which took place in Turkey and Syria late in February.

A further 129,490 were injured and millions of people have lost their homes.

Around 14 million people have been affected by the earthquake and 1.5 million are now homeless, according to the United Nations.

Aftershocks following the initial earthquakes continued for 3 weeks while displaced people are being housed in hotels in tourist areas of Turkey as well as Damascus and Latakia in Syria.

So, you can help out some people in need while also getting to play some great games for next to nothing.


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