Diablo 4 on PS5 is a slick, brutal dungeon crawler packed with baddies to battle

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    Classic dungeon-crawler series Diablo is back for a fourth instalment and it adds an extra next-gen console sheen to an already great franchise.

    Fans of previous Diablos will dive straight in and feel like they’ve put on a warm pair of well-known slippers with this release.

    It’s a very familiar action RPG grind through the levels, and the monster-infested dungeons, as you battle through an average storyline against hellish creatures.

    For newcomers, Diablo 4 is very good at easing you in to its various systems and gameplay mechanics so that it’s not too long before you’re ranking up and swapping out all kinds of loot, clothing and weapons to ensure you’re always a step ahead of the next big monster attack.

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    It’s then on to battling baddies, smashing and bashing them to pieces in this top-down medieval style war epic.

    The story opens with a huge cut-scene depicting the rise of supernatural Lillith, the daughter of Hatred, and revolves around her relationship with ex lover and nemesis Inarius.

    You’re based in Sanctuary, a world between worlds as it were, an area supposedly free from the demons of the past.

    Problem is, there’s monstrous creatures everywhere, and it has all become a bit of a bleak and dangerous ‘eternal conflict’ kinda place.

    So you’ll be spending a lot of time traversing dark, grim dungeons, battling these critters by the room-full in frantic sandbox bursts of violence.

    The graphics are strong and make the most of the next-gen consoles in the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

    We had a bit of frame rate stuttering in the early portions of the game but things soon settled down to a slick brutal battle pace.

    The voice acting too isn’t amazing but solidly helps to push the story along.

    The core idea of Diablo, the eternal conflict between light and darkness, remains a prominent theme in this game.

    It plays well and is ideal for gamers who want to grind through a title and put in many hours.

    You’ll kill a lot of demons, beat a few bosses and enjoy going off on side quests to delve further into the lore of the series.

    VERDICT 4/5

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