Majority Teton Plus Sound bar and wireless Sub review: Cheap but decent sound

British electronics firm Majority is back and pushing a new sound bar and wireless sub-woofer to boost your TV experience.

And for the very reasonable price of just under £100 all-in, it’s a pretty decent bit of kit for the cost.

The Teton Plus offers 180 watts of power alongside its optional 5.25in subwoofer.

What that means in practice is big, booming audio when you play video games, shows or movies on your telly set.

Most TVs nowadays can’t pack much sound punch in their designs due to the desire for ultra-thin screens on our front-room counter tops.

It’s regularly the case that audio is compromised to make the set look slim, and you’ll more often than not be left with a quite tinny high-end only.

That’s where sound bars come in and the Teton Plus, despite it’s fairly budget price-point, looks sleek and stylish sat right in front of your set in the living area.

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It’s black in look and just over 80cm in length, with a tight-knit grill across the front and it boasts a plethora of connectivity to ensure ease of use straight out of the box.

For me, I love an optical out cable from the telly to the sound bar, but you can also opt for seamless HDMI ARC integration if your TV boasts that output, the very handy bluetooth option and also a more classic Aux setup, which is ideal for laptop connectivity.

There’s no cable between the bar and the sub, which is great news when you want to have them in different parts of the room.

And the only cables they each need are their respective power plugs.

Once plugged in and turned on, it’s like your room becomes a cinema, with fantastic clear, booming audio across all your media.

I loved listening to live YouTube music streams at top level on this mini beast, the guitars and drums pumping.

You could feel the bass in your feet thanks to the woofer and the voices were lovely and crisp too.

It also lends itself very well to movies and hit TV streaming shows, with blockbuster bangs and explosions leaping from the system, really emphasising big moments in the action.

Thanks to the bluetooth, you can ping your music from your phone onto the sound bar with ease and I even had the work laptop running sound on it too.

It’s a shame you can’t really tweak the sub much, with just basic treble and bass volume buttons for across the set-up on the controller.

And, while thin, it’s quite a big piece of tech – looking not dissimilar to an Xbox Series S console but roughly twice the size.

That said, for under £100 it really does sound good and is well worth a look if you’re keen to immerse yourself in a better soundscape than the bog-standard telly speaker.

It's no Sonos, but it is decent.


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