Resident Evil 4 is a brutal, improved remake of the horror hit for the PS5

This action horror game first saw light in 2005 and has now been given a shiny makeover for the new consoles.

And it looks just like a brand new hit title thanks to some very clever update work by the bods at Capcom.

Your hero, special agent Leon S. Kennedy, can now crouch and stealth kill as he battles to free the President’s daughter from a murderous cult and its accompanying monsters.

He can parry with his knife and instant ground kill horror baddies.

It’s all stuff we’re used to in modern gaming but nonetheless brings this near 20-year-old classic firmly into the PS5 era.

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The graphics are the biggest and most obvious improvement over the Gamecube original.

It’s gore galore as you hack, slash and shoot your way through oncoming hordes of murderous villagers.

Blood is everywhere and the details, from the dilapidated houses to the overgrown verges, fit with the next-gen visuals we are used to in modern games.

It all helps to up the atmosphere too and you’ll find yourself constantly on the edge of your seat with this game and its forboding presence.

RE4 was a game changer for the industry.

It established the third person run-and-gun gameplay you’ll recognise in many a game nowadays and totally reinvented the series.

Subtle tweaks have been made to boss fights and streamline the pacing in this revamp.

It makes this a must-buy for Resident Evil fans.

And well worth a look for those seeking an incredibly challenging, stressful horror game where you never feel like you’ve got enough ammo to survive.


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