The LG evo C3 smart TV is a costly but quality 4K OLED set ideal for gamers

LG tend to know exactly what is needed in a modern telly and the C3 is no different.

This is an excellent choice for those wanting a top-level gaming and streaming TV set with a bit of money in their pocket.

At £1,400, the C3 isn’t cheap.

But you get a proper OLED super screen for your money and incredibly thin unit for the wall or countertop.

The set delivers a pin-sharp, colourful and rich image at 4K definition and 100Hz refresh rate, albeit an often dark one on factory settings.

You really need to play around with this baby to bring out its amazing hues and brightness to a more natural tone.

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But with a little delving, and a fancy AI Processor behind everything, the C3 stands out as both a fantastic TV-watching option as well as a strong gaming display.

It blends into your walls brilliantly thanks to incredibly thin edges, with the bezels barely visible face-on.

That means we’re basically looking at all screen, and with the right image in display it could easily be mistaken for a hanging picture frame.

User interface webOS 23 is slick as hell, and features all the must-have apps you’d expect at the touch of a button, like Disney+, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

And the neat remote offers both hands-free voice recognition software and a Nintendo Wii-style wand to physically navigate all the built-in menus with ease.

It adds up to a super-swish, easy to install telly set that’s packed to the brim with content options and a breeze to get around.

Plus an AI concierge service will even offer up ideas for your next must-watch show based on your past viewing habits.

For gamers in particular, as well as pin-sharp HDR10 visuals preferred for online dominance in games like Call of Duty, you’ll find the set offers a blazingly-fast 0.1ms response time, giving you even more of an edge on those split-second face-offs with an online rival.

It has an incredibly clear, smooth picture when blockbusters pummel through at 60-frames-per-second on console and the gamer-oriented user interface means you can tweak quickly and dive straight in hooked-up to your Xbox and PS5.

And you can even access cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW direct through the telly to access even more titles.

Once connected to a decent speaker system, like a Sonos Beam, the Dolby Atmos immersive audio shines and gives you those deep cinema booms in the bass alongside crystal clear voices at the higher end.

One thing that nagged though, the plug is practically sealed into the back of the unit, which isn’t ideal if you want to feed that cable through a small cable slot on, say, your display cupboard. A greater removability here would have been preferred.

All in, the C3 shows that – if you can afford it – you get what you pay for when it comes to TV quality.


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