The Nitro Deck is a plug-in base for Nintendo Switch that tackles Joy-Con drift

The much-anticipated Nitro Deck is a game changer for Nintendo Switch players sick of Joy-Con drift.

The firm’s handheld console, while brilliant, can occasionally suffer from the issue where your controllers will ‘drift’ to the left or right, moving characters on-screen even if you’re not touching them.

Peripheral maker CRKD reckons it has the solution to this in its new Nitro Deck unit.

This weighty little beastie becomes a new bed for the console, where you slot in the Switch screen body, eliminating the need for Joy-Con controllers at all.

As a result, thanks to a low-latency USB-C input, the controllers built into the Deck itself become an effective ‘pro controller’ allowing you to game forever more without the fear of drift.

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As it’s directly inserted, there’s no lag at all between button presses and the console. And thanks to Hall Effect Sensors in the thumbsticks, the responsiveness and precision is spot-on.

It’s comfortable too, fitting neatly into the palms despite being slightly bigger than the Switch on its own.

You can swap out thumbstick toppers too to add a layer of personality to be expressed through the deck, with garish colour differences either side.

and you can remap four added back buttons on the device which sit neatly where you fingers naturally land.

That’s great for reassigning various button combinations, like in fighting or shooting games, and helps to speed up your play, especially when competitive gaming online.

There’s also an extra wide display stand on the unit, way better than the flimsy one on the Switch itself, which means studier gaming when propping up on a worktop.

You can even store it in this way while charging your machine through the Nitro Deck.

There’s a Standard Edition of the Deck but you can also opt for a more unique, colourful Limited Edition that comes with a premium carry case, 2.5m USB-C cable, thumb-stick toppers and a place to store up to eight physical switch game cartridges.

You can connect your device to CRKD’s mobile phone app to establish digital proof of physical ownership. By tapping a mobile device to your product, the user reveals the rarity rank, product number then registers the product their own secure collection.

It means you can build up a collectible treasure trove with the firm over future years if you’re a bit of a collector.

Overall, this is a strong piece of kit that makes your Switch feel much more substantial in the hands.

The comfort is there, the look is fantastic and it ends the Joy-Con drift worries.

A great piece of kit for £60 and very much a must-buy for Nintendo diehards.


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