Fast Travel Games Reveals Hide-and-Seek VR Multiplayer ‘Mannequin’ – Road to VR

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Fast Travel Games teased a mysterious VR multiplayer late last month, and now we have the full reveal: Mannequin, an asymmetric multiplayer for up to five players.

The admittedly very slick cinematic reveal trailer shows off a bit of hide-and-seek style gameplay.

Here’s how the studio describes the action:

The world has stopped. Time is frozen. All attempts to make contact with the aliens have failed. Special Agents have been deployed to neutralize the threat once and for all.

Humans call the aliens: Mannequins. Mannequin is an asymmetric multiplayer game for up to 5 players, filled with suspense, social deduction and fast, sudden action. Play as alien Mannequins and set up deadly ambushes by posing as humans frozen in time, or as human Agents and wield high tech gadgets to neutralize the Mannequins from a distance.

The studio tells us that its extraterrestrial Mannequins focus on close combat and can time-freeze humans just by touching them. You’ll have to physically pose your body in order to blend in among the time-frozen humans though, making you think creatively on how best to blend into your surroundings and keeping a pose as you’re surely inspected for any signs of life.

Human Agents specialize in ranged combat with an EMP Gun to neutralize the aliens. An EMF Reader helps you locate threats and EMP Generators for recharge and advantage in combat. On the human team, voice chat lets you communicate and strategize internally without the opponent team eavesdropping on them.

Mannequin is coming first to Meta Quest 2 & 3, PSVR 2, and SteamVR headsets sometime in 2024. We’ll be following along with the Fast Travel Games’ social channels in the meantime.

Meanwhile, the veteran VR studio is also set to launch its single-player RPG Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice soon, having already released a number of VR games including Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, Apex Construct and The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets.

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