Immersed Opens Pre-orders for Slim & Light 'Visor' VR Headset, Starting at $500 – Road to VR

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Immersed, the team behind the titular XR productivity and co-working app, announced Visor last month, a slim and light VR headset designed for work. Now the studio has opened “fully refundable” pre-orders for two distinct flavors of the device.

Immersed is offering a 2.5K per-eye Visor model for $500 and a 4K per-eye Visor model for $750. Besides including different resolution OLED microdisplays, functionally both models are the same. The company is also offering a Founder’s Edition Visor 4K for $1,000, which is said to ship six months before the standard Visor 4K.

Immersed says on the website both 2.5K and 4K headsets include:

  • Hand & eye tracking

  • 6 Degrees of freedom
  • 5+ Screens
  • 100° Field of view
  • Ultra widescreen
  • Custom IPD, nose-insert, and light-blocker
  • 25% lighter than a smartphone
  • HD Color Passthrough
  • Stems & strap attachments Included

It’s still early days, it seems. The Visor hardware is said to be “both wired and wireless,” indicating it has onboard processing for mobile VR experiences and a battery, however the company hasn’t released any specs yet on chipset or battery life.

The company says headsets are custom-built for each user however, which includes locking in each user’s interpupillary distance (IPD) and shipping nose inserts and light blockers which are “closest to your face’s shape,” Immersed says in the product’s description.

As for shipment dates, so far Immersed says it’s slated to “commence and continue [shipment] throughout 2024.” What’s more, Immersed says it’s offering those pre-orders as “full refundable reservations.”

Here’s the fine print:

Refund Policy: Preorders are fully refundable reservations. You may cancel your reservation at any time before your Visor is produced and receive a full refund to the original payment method by emailing [email protected]. Due to the custom-built nature of Visor, fulfillment time will vary and shipment dates are our best estimates. Delays, if any, will be communicated via email.

You can pre-order and find more on the Immersed Visor website.

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