Steam VR Fest Serves Up Deep Discounts on Top PC VR Titles

Steam VR Fest is in full swing, offering deep discounts on PC VR titles that may just give you another pretty valid reason to stay indoors this winter.

While you won’t be able to nab Half-Life: Alyx (2020) on the cheap this time around, there are a host of top games on sale to buy or gift to a friend for the holiday season.

That’s great news if you have a PC VR headset, but even greater news if you have a VR-ready PC and Meta Quest thanks to the new dedicated Steam Link App which makes playing Steam games on Quest even easier.

Valve highlighted some immersive games in the latest VR Fest hype video, although there are a ton more on sale to check out. Here’s some of the standout titles on sale from now until December 11th.

TitleSale PriceOriginal PricePercent Off
Hitman 3$27.99$69.99-60%
No Man’s Sky$29.99$59.99-50%
The Forest$4.99$19.99-75%
Skyrim VR$14.99$59.99-75%
Tetris Effect$19.99$39.99-50%
Slime Rancher$4.99$19.99-75%
Ghosts of Tabor$17.99$19.99-10%
The Light Brigade$17.49$24.99-30%
CarX Drift Racing$7.49$14.99-50%
Ancient Dungeon$14.99$19.99-25%
VTOL VR$20.99$29.99-30%
Into the Radius$17.99$29.99-40%
Fallout 4 VR$14.99$59.99-75%
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad$9.99$49.99-80%
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes$4.49$14.99-70%
Vox Machinae$14.99$29.99-50%
Payday 2$4.99$9.99-50%
Vertigo 2$25.49$29.99-15%
Elite Dangerous$7.49$29.99-75%
I Expect You to Die 3$19.99$24.99-20%
XPlane 12$40.19$59.99-33%
Moss Book II$13.99$19.99-30%
Kayak VR: Mirage$16.09$22.99-30%
Walkabout Mini Golf VR$10.49$14.99-30%
Red Matter 2$17.99$29.99-40%
Among Us VR$7.49$9.99-25%
Sniper Elite VR$8.99$29.99-70%
Star Trek Bridge Crew$9.99$24.99-60%
Broken Edge$8.99$14.99-40%
Until You Fall$13.99$24.99-44%
The Last Clockwinder$14.99$24.99-40%

There are way more than that though, so check in at the Steam VR Fest site to see all of the games currently on sale.

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